A Trial Partnership Designed for Solos and Small Firms

At the Walkup Personal Injury Law Firm, we believe in the Seventh Amendment’s guarantee of jury trials in civil cases. The California constitution also guarantees this right. The ability to hold wrongdoers responsible through the actions of committed and intelligent jurors is a fundamental right in our democracy. The exercise of this right is critical in all cases regardless of the injury, the amount of money at issue, or the financial resources of plaintiff’s counsel.

With Walkup Team-Up, collaborating counsel receive the benefit of a dedicated Walkup Law Firm trial lawyer to try the case with you, together with behind-the-scenes strategic support from some of the industry’s most experienced and respected trial attorneys.

Walkup Team-Up was adopted to empower and enable lawyers of limited experience and financial resources to try cases that otherwise might not be cost-effective or feasible, and to protect their clients’ rights through jurors decision making. We offer this collaborative approach by providing financial support and the skills of experienced plaintiffs counsel. Together, we can level the playing field.

Trying cases has always been part of our historic identity as one of Northern California’s oldest trial law firms. We cannot wait to try your case with you.

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Our Team

Founded in 1959, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger has built a reputation for integrity, skill and excellence in bringing cases before juries. We are willing to confront defendants and insurers of all sizes. Our trial experience covers a wide variety of case types.

At Walkup, all of our trial lawyers from the most junior to the most senior are committed to maintaining and protecting the right to jury trial. Trying civil cases is what we do. It is a principal reason for our existence. It is only in a courtroom that ordinary people can hold their government accountable and corporations responsible for their wrongdoing. We are committed to making sure jury trials remain the centerpiece of our civil justice system.

How to Apply

Simply fill out the short form below two weeks before your trial date.

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Here are the terms for a Walkup Team-Up case:
  • Upon joining the case, Walkup will cover the next $25,000 in costs, and split costs 50/50 after that point.
  • Walkup’s fee is 33% of the total fee.
  • The Walkup attorney who is joining to try the case will get at least enough responsibility in the trial to result in an ABOTA point.
  • The non-Walkup attorney will be primarily responsible for all pretrial filings.
  • The non-Walkup attorney will handle all post-trial motion practice.
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Have a Traditional Referral?

For referrals that fall outside the Walkup Team-Up parameters, contact the Walkup Law Firm to maximize your client’s recovery.

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For more than 50 years we have been a trusted referral partner by attorneys in all practice disciplines. We have paid millions of dollars in referral fees every year since 1959. Whether a referring attorney wishes to remain involved or joint venture the case, we take pride in our lawyers’ ability to work cooperatively and negotiate an equitable referral fee agreement.

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